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The Vegetable Gardener's SOS Guide:

10 Easy Steps to Master Plant Issues like a Pro

Download your guide and get to the root of the problem in your garden! Stop wasting time by guessing what's wrong and hoping you save your plants!

Are you ready to transform your vegetable garden and become a master at handling plant issues?

In the Vegetable Gardener's SOS Guide, you'll learn my 10-step strategy to troubleshoot your plants:


Pinpoint the root cause

Learn to differentiate between nutrient deficiencies, environmental stressors, diseases, and pests. By pinpointing the source based on symptoms' location, you'll confidently apply the right treatment.


Precision diagnosis

Master the art of identifying symptoms and signs accurately. No more sifting through vague search results - get straight to the solution by precisely diagnosing your plant's condition.


Reflect on your practices

Understand how your gardening techniques impact your plants' health. By analyzing your gardening practices, you'll make informed adjustments for healthier, thriving plants.


I'm Dr. Denise

Plant Doctor, Educator & Home Gardener 

As your guide and a dedicated plant doctor, I bring with me not just a Doctorate in Plant Medicine (D.P.M.) but also a wealth of experience from various roles aimed at nurturing plant health. From serving as a Pest Management Consultant for the Navy to working as an Environmental Horticulture Extension Agent and teaching as a Horticulture Professor, I've developed strategies and sustainable practices that promise robust harvests while preserving our environment.

But my heart lies in empowering you, the home gardener! It's my mission to help you grow strong, resilient vegetables and tackle any challenges that come your way. Imagine bringing more of your own nutritious, pesticide-free food to your table. Together, we can create productive gardens that are not only a source of pride but also contribute positively to our environment.