Attention: Potential Container Gardeners

How to Grow More Veggies in a Limited Space with Container Gardening ... Even If You have a Black Thumb

(This works as additions to larger spaces too!)

Discover how to set up and maintain thriving container gardens for vegetables and herbs. Harvest more without the headaches with this mini-course containing video trainings and all the supplemental materials you'll need.


Does this sound familiar?

🌿Are you tired of staring at your small garden space and feeling like your dreams of growing your own vegetables and herbs are slipping away?

🌿Does every failed attempt at container gardening leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged?

🌿Do you find yourself unsure about how to properly care for your precious container-grown plants, leaving you worried about their survival?

If these struggles resonate with you, you're not alone... many aspiring vegetable gardeners face similar challenges when it comes to container gardening.

What if... 

Imagine if you could step out onto your balcony or patio and be greeted by a lush oasis of thriving vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Picture yourself plucking fresh, vibrant tomatoes from your container garden and savoring the sweet, juicy flavor in your homemade salads.

Envision the joy of harvesting a handful of fragrant basil leaves and transforming them into a mouthwatering pesto sauce.

How amazing would it be to transform your space into a bountiful haven of homegrown goodness?

The Solution

If you are struggling to grow vegetables and herbs in containers, my strategy-packed training is here to help.

This mini-course will provide you with step-by-step instructions, shopping lists, and maintenance checklists to ensure your success. With my expert tips on container arranging and companion plants, you'll discover a whole new world of gardening possibilities. Plus, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence needed to successfully grow your own fresh produce.

Say goodbye to failed attempts and hello to a bountiful harvest. Start your vegetable container gardening journey today and watch your green thumb flourish!


Why I Created This

Hi there! My name is Dr. Denise, a trained plant doctor with degrees in entomology and nematology, science education, and plant medicine and over 15 years of experience teaching plant topics.

I created Container Grown Goodness to provide practical guidance, expert advice, and all the necessary tools to help people create bountiful container gardens.

My mission is to break down barriers and show that anyone can enjoy the taste and satisfaction of homegrown produce, regardless of space limitations or experience. 

Let's dig in and grow something amazing together with Container Grown Goodness!

This is for you if you are...


✅Busy urban dwellers who lack space for a traditional garden but still want to grow their own vegetables.
✅Novice gardeners who are unsure of how to start a vegetable garden and need guidance.
✅Homeowners with limited mobility who find it challenging to maintain a large garden but still want to enjoy fresh produce.
✅Apartment residents who want to bring a touch of greenery to their balcony or rooftop.
✅Parents who want to teach their children about gardening and the importance of sustainable food sources.
✅Retirees looking for a fulfilling and rewarding hobby that allows them to connect with nature.

Core Features

Short but Powerful Training

Dive into my comprehensive video training series where I reveal the insider tips and techniques for successfully growing vegetables and herbs in containers. From selecting the right containers to soil preparation and plant care, I've got you covered!

Master the Art of Self-Watering Containers

My step-by-step tutorial and detailed instructions will guide you through the process of setting up and maintaining self-watering containers. Say goodbye to under or over-watering, and hello to hassle-free gardening!

Managing Pests Naturally

Discover the magic of companion planting with my comprehensive reference guide. Learn how to strategically pair plants that naturally support each other's growth, while effectively managing pests without harmful chemicals. Combine that with organic pesticides, including how to make your own.

Plus Bonuses:

Save Time with a Shopping List

This shopping list takes the guesswork out of container gardening by providing you with a complete list of all the supplies and tools you'll need to successfully grow vegetables and herbs in containers. From soil mixes to pesticides, we've got you covered, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

Keep your Garden Thriving with an Easy-to-Follow Checklist

This container gardening checklist provides step-by-step guidance on setting up and maintaining your container garden. From choosing the right containers and soil, to watering and fertilizing tips, this checklist will help you stay organized and ensure your plants receive the care they need for optimal growth and productivity.

Unlock your Creativity with this Quick Guide

This quick guide to container arranging with vegetables and herbs will inspire your inner artist. Whether you're looking to create a stunning centerpiece or a bountiful hanging garden, this guide offers practical tips and design ideas to help you create visually appealing and productive container gardens that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

It's time to invest in Container Grown Goodness if you want to...

🍅Successfully grow vegetables and herbs in containers, regardless of your gardening experience

🍅Enhance your gardening skills and knowledge through practical tips and expert guidance

🍅Say goodbye to the frustration and disappointment of failed attempts at container gardening

🍅Discover the art of container arranging, with our guide to thrillers, fillers, and spillers

🍅Learn how to create your own self-watering container using the Burkey Bucket method

🍅Gain insights into companion planting and effective pest management techniques

Yours for only $27!


 ✔️Container Grown Goodness Training: A series of 5 videos that will guide you through the entire process of container gardening, from choosing the right containers to harvesting your bountiful veggies.

✔️Self-Watering Container Tutorial and Instructions: Learn how to create self-watering containers that will provide your plants with the perfect amount of moisture and fertilizer, saving you time and effort.

✔️Reference Guide for Companion Plants & Pest Management: Discover the power of companion planting and natural pest management techniques to create a thriving and sustainable garden.


✔️Shopping List for Growing Vegetables in Containers: Take the guesswork out of shopping for your container garden with this handy list of essentials.

✔️Container Gardening Checklist for Set-up & Maintenance: Stay organized and on top of your container garden with our step-by-step checklist and planting guide.

✔️Container Arranging with Vegetables & Herbs Quick Guide: Get creative with your container arrangements and enjoy the beauty of edible landscapes.


Are you tired of struggling to grow vegetables and herbs in limited space?

Here are 5 opportunities waiting for you when you address these struggles with Container Grown Goodness:

  1. Unlock the potential of limited space: Discover how to maximize your gardening space by successfully growing vegetables and herbs in containers, regardless of the size of your available space.
  2. Say goodbye to frustration and discouragement: Overcome the challenges of failed attempts at container gardening, and experience the joy of successful harvests and thriving plants.
  3. Gain confidence in caring for container-grown plants: Learn the secrets to proper care and maintenance, ensuring your plants receive the optimal conditions they need to thrive.
  4. Enjoy a bountiful harvest: Discover the satisfaction of growing your own fresh and flavorful vegetables and herbs, right at your fingertips.
  5. Expand your culinary possibilities: With a container garden, you can experiment with a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, adding new flavors and freshness to your favorite dishes.

Don't miss out on these incredible opportunities! Purchase Container Grown Goodness today and start reaping the rewards of successful vegetable container gardening.