Container Grown Goodness


Are you a struggling vegetable gardener looking to grow fresh produce? Container Grown Goodness is the ultimate guide to creating and maintaining a flourishing container garden. This mini-course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to set up and nurture your own garden. The training offers five videos with step-by-step instructions. The Reference Guide for Companion Plants & Pest Management will help you optimize your garden's health, and the Self-Watering Container Tutorial guarantees hassle-free hydration. Bonuses include a shopping list, checklist for maintenance, and container arranging guide. Say goodbye to garden woes and hello to bountiful harvests!


Square Foot Gardening Made Easy


Have you tried vegetable gardening but struggled with getting a good production? This 2-hour course will teach you the skills to build your garden using the square-foot gardening technique (with a raised bed) so you can plant right away. With short, step-by-step lessons on designing, building, and maintaining your garden, you'll be eating your results and increase your confidence.