Attention: Struggling Vegetable Gardeners

Solve Garden Problems with Expert Guidance from a Plant Doctor

With my expertise and guidance, we'll diagnose the problem, develop a tailored solution, and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to become a successful vegetable gardener. Together, we'll transform your struggling garden into a thriving oasis.


Does this sound familiar?

ūüĆŅDo persistent pest infestations, such as aphids or caterpillars, leave your vegetables damaged and inedible?

ūüĆŅAre you tired of spending countless hours tending to your vegetable garden, only to harvest meager yields?

ūüĆŅDoes your soil seem uncooperative, resulting in sickly plants and nutrient deficiencies despite your best efforts?

ūüĆŅAre you tired of wasting money on gardening products and tools that don't deliver the promised results, leaving you feeling discouraged and financially drained?

If these struggles resonate with you, you're not alone... many gardeners face these challenges, and it can be incredibly frustrating. 

What if... 

Imagine if your vegetable garden was thriving, abundant with fresh, nutritious produce that you could proudly serve to your family and friends. 

Picture yourself strolling through rows of vibrant green plants, plucking ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce leaves, and juicy cucumbers straight from your own backyard. 

Envision the satisfaction of knowing that the food on your table comes from your own hard work and dedication. With the right knowledge and guidance, this dream can become your reality.

How amazing would it be to know exactly what to do to get your plants flourishing again?

The Solution

If you are struggling to get your garden back on track, the plant doctor is here to help.

This amazing service is specifically designed to help even the most inexperienced gardeners nurture their plants and achieve impressive results. You will fill out a questionnaire and upload photos of your problem plants/garden, so that we can get right down to business during your consultation and provide you solutions that can get your garden thriving quickly. Whether you're dealing with pest or disease infestations, nutrient deficiencies, or simply want to optimize your plant's growth, this consultation has got you covered. 

Say goodbye to garden problems and hello to a bountiful harvest. Get expert advice from the plant doctor today and watch your green thumb flourish!


Why I Created This

Hi there! My name is Dr. Denise DeBusk, a trained plant doctor with degrees in entomology and nematology, science education, and plant medicine and over 15 years of experience teaching plant topics and problem-solving issues.

As a pest management consultant and extension agent, I regularly diagnosed plant problems and provided tailored solutions, so I wanted to expand my reach and provide gardeners with access to my expertise.

My mission is to break down barriers and show that anyone can enjoy the taste and satisfaction of homegrown produce, regardless of your experience. 

Let's take a look at what's going on in your garden and see if we can rescue your plants through a Garden Consultation!

This is for you if you are a...


✅Novice vegetable gardener who is just starting out and need guidance on how to care for their plants effectively.
‚úÖBusy individual who loves gardening but struggles to find time to properly maintain their vegetable garden.
‚úÖHomeowner who has limited space for gardening and want to optimize their yields in a small area.
✅Gardener who has experienced unsuccessful harvests in the past and is looking for ways to improve their results.
‚úÖPerson who wants to grow their own organic vegetables but needs assistance in ensuring their plants remain healthy and pest-free.
‚úÖVegetable gardener who wants to expand their knowledge and learn new techniques to enhance their gardening skills.


Direct Access to an Expert

Have a trained plant doctor review your problem or plan for your garden during a 30-min Zoom meeting. Schedule a time that is most convenient for you. Upload photos ahead of time or show video during meeting. Receive a probably diagnosis or plan and get tailored recommendations for your problem.

Follow-up Report

So you don't need to write down the recommendations, receive a detailed report summarizing what was discusses and specific recommendations with additional resources. This will be provided within 1 hour following the meeting.


Access to the Recorded Meeting

You can rewatch the meeting to see if there was specific education that you want to hear again. As an educator, tasks are broken down in a down-to-earth way that may not be captured in a report. 


It's time to invest in a Garden Consultation if you want to...

ūüćÖSay goodbye to the guesswork! My¬†Garden Consultation service is like having your own personal garden detective.

ūüćÖReceive¬†customized organic solutions to tackle your garden problems.¬†

ūüćÖReceive clear and concise step-by-step instructions on how to implement¬†the recommended solutions.¬†

ūüćÖTake the hassle out of troubleshooting and spend more time enjoying your garden.

ūüćÖBoost your gardening confidence and empower you to tackle any future challenges that come your way.

ūüćÖOptimize your garden's productivity, resulting in bigger, healthier harvests.

Garden Consultation


(Value $100)

  • One 30-min¬†video¬†session with the plant doctor
  • Follow-up email with diagnosis and tailored recommendations
  • Access to recorded meeting

Transform your garden with a Garden Consultation!

- 30-min Zoom session with a plant expert
- Get your questions answered, receive probable diagnosis, and get recommendations during the meeting
- Follow-up email summarizing the meeting discussion
- Additional resources to help you with your gardening journey


- Get access to the recorded call

Ready to give your struggling vegetable garden the care it deserves? Purchase a Garden Consultation now and get expert advice, personalized recommendations, and valuable resources to help your plants thrive. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a successful vegetable gardener!

Are you tired of struggling with your vegetable garden and not knowing why your plants aren't thriving? 

Here are 5 opportunities waiting for you when you address these struggles with a Garden Consultation:

  1. Increased productivity: By understanding what's wrong with your plants and how to fix it, you can ensure your garden produces an abundance of healthy vegetables.
  2. Cost savings: Avoid wasting money on unnecessary treatments or replacing plants that could have been saved with the right knowledge and guidance.
  3. Time efficiency: Stop spending hours researching and experimenting with different solutions. With a Garden Consultation, you'll have all the information you need to take immediate action and get your plants back on track.
  4. Confidence and peace of mind: Say goodbye to the frustration and uncertainty of not knowing how to save your plants. With our practical tips and guidance, you'll feel confident in your gardening skills and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with thriving plants.
  5. Enjoyment and satisfaction: Imagine the joy of harvesting a bountiful crop of homegrown vegetables, knowing that you played a crucial role in their success. Plant Checkup will help you experience the true satisfaction of a flourishing vegetable garden.

Don't miss out on these opportunities! Purchase a Garden Consultation now and unlock the secrets to saving your plants and enjoying a thriving vegetable garden all year round.