Garden Dreams vs. Reality: What's Standing in Your Way?


Take this 2 minute quiz to find out.


What obstacle is keeping you from having your dream garden?

Imagine that feeling you get with you first start seeing your baby plants grow. You tend to them, waiting anxiously for them to produce fruit, and then something happens and all that time and effort is for nothing. This quick quiz can help you identify what's standing if your way and solutions to these obstacles, allowing you to have a great harvest that works with your lifestyle.

Take this 2-minute Quiz to find out what's stopping you having a productive vegetable garden!


After taking the quiz, you will:

  • Learn what's causing your biggest problems in your garden
  • Find out some simple strategies you can do to have a successful garden
  • Receive a report specific to your quiz result, giving you specific actions you can start taking today
  • Have a link of the report emailed to you so you can refer back to it 
  • Receive freebies to additional resources
  • Get access to all reports so you can improve all aspects of your garden

Meet Dr. Denise DeBusk, Plant Doctor for Rescue My Plant and Creator of this quiz

Dr. Denise is a plant doctor and educator. With degrees in entomology and nematology, science education, and a doctorate in plant medicine (aka overall plant health), she has been solving plant problems and teaching various audiences for over 15 years. 

She has been a pest management consultant for the Navy, an extension agent for the University of Florida, and is currently a horticulture professor teaching 10 different courses yearly related to plant sciences.

While working for the extension service, she developed a passion for vegetables and loved working with homeowners to have productive gardens, teaching many hands-on workshops in collaboration with a team of Master Gardeners.

In 2022, she started Rescue My Plant to marry her passions of online education and vegetable gardening to help others be more productive in their gardens.


Find out what your #1 challenge is to having the garden of your dreams and what you can do about it today!


This quiz will provide you with answers and your quiz report will guide you to having a more productive growing season.